TG4 to broadcast new six-part music documentary ‘Guth’


Guth‘ promises to be a new and revealing six-part documentary series that tells the story of modern pop music and how the sons and daughters of Irish emigrants have changed the face of popular music.

What impact, if any, did their Irish blood have on singers like Bing Crosby, John Lydon, Morrissey and Marr, Dusty Springfield, John Lennon, or the Gallagher Brothers? And what impact did their music have on Ireland?

It is often said that the emigrants that sailed from this country travelled with nothing but the clothes on their backs, but they also carried with them something more intangible: they carried stories and songs of home in their hearts. These emigrants made their way to London and Liverpool, Boston and New York where they established roots and communities.

The series examines the environments and influences that shaped the musical heritage and creativity of the emigrant Irish and their offspring. Through a combination of interviews with the musicians themselves and archive footage both of their work and emigrant life GUTH crafts a story that is part social history, part music documentary and breaks new ground in analysing the impact of the Irish diaspora.

The series is produced by Bríd Seoige and directed by Dathaí Keane.

The series was funded by BAI Sound and Vision and TG4.

Guth will be broadcast on TG4 Thursdays 9.30pm from 26th September, repeated on Mondays at midnight.

The episode on John Lydon features live footage from Paranoid Visions and a few words from Deklan Dachau.

  • Ep 1: Bing Crosby
  • Ep 2 : Dusty Springfield
  • Ep 3: John Lydon
  • Ep 4: The Smiths
  • Ep 5: Oasis
  • Ep 6: The Beatles



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