The Mickey Bradley Record Show on BBC Radio Ulster


We’ve long been fans of Michael Bradley on the radio. Since Mickey’s Monkey the man has been essential listening for his choice in music and his witty repartee. Mickey moved on to ‘The Bottom Line’ and most recently was to host ‘After Midnight’ where he revisited punk and refused to countenance anything released after 1989. We were saddened at the demise of that show but thankfully all has been rectified with the recent announcement of a new show. Mickey has thankfully repealed the 1989 embargo and broadened his musical theme and if the first show is anything to go by will become essential listening. The aptly titled ‘The Mickey Bradley Record Show‘ goes out every Tuesday from 8-10pm and you can tune in via your wireless if you are in the UK or the BBC iPlayer for the rest of us..

“I can’t wait to start the new show, a chance to play those rockin’ little records, as Chuck Berry once said. And unlike my last BBC Radio Ulster show, I have thrown off the self-imposed time constraints – so I can play records from this century as well as the last. What have they got in common? They’re all meaty, beaty, big and bouncy – another borrowed phrase.

“The programme will feature the likes of The Who, The Sex Pistols, Dusty Springfield, The Clash, The Shangri-Las, Velvet Underground, David Bowie, Them – as well as the bands who will never have a documentary made about them on BBC Four!”

Undertone Mickey Bradley to present new music show on BBC Radio Ulster

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