Nick Cave Interview (30th April 1992)


I don’t do festivals but if I did this year’s Body & Soul at Ballinlough Castle, Co Meath would be top of the list. Dave Fanning interviewed Kurt Vile on Thursday night but 21 years ago he interviewed another performer at next weekend’s festival.

places we play / elbow deep in baby shit / leaving brazil / berlin / boys next door / birthday party / london / the bad seeds / the firstborn is dead / when the ass saw the angel / the new album / 80s / wim wenders

Nick Cave Part 1

remixing ‘henry’s dream’ / “Straight to You” / Leisureland Galway tomorrow (01/05/1992) / Dublin, SFX (02/05/1992) / “Papa Won’t Leave You, Henry” / “Till The End Of The World”

Nick Cave Part 2

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