The Last Night Shift / Night Train

Image Ref. No. 2180/015

On the occasion of the last ever Night Shift and Night Train shows Gerry Ryan and Mark Cagney splashed out on champagne and chips to send off their respective shows in a befitting style. This might bring back a few memories..

The Last Night Shift (1988)

3 Responses to “The Last Night Shift / Night Train”

  1. Thanks for this. Gerry Ryan
    Sounded great. Lovely piece.
    Good it’s sodas to hear him
    But he was as daft as brush
    But great also.
    A legend.
    i work in a place where Gerry
    Worked years ago. Can you guess.

  2. Gerry Griffin Says:

    Lovely stuff – many thanks

  3. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Have posted some ‘Night Train’ recordings over on Mixcloud..

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