Cyclefly (1997 Session)


Cyclefly were Declan O’Shea (vocals), Ciaran O’Shea (guitar), Nono Presta (guitar), Christian Montagne (bass) and Jean-Michel Cavallo (drums). Hailing from Cork, the band released two albums ‘Generation Sap’ (1999) and ‘Crave’ (2002). According to a comment this RTE 2FM Fanning session dates from 1997 – thanks Christian!

World Eater (1997)

Before I (1997)

Bubble Fly (1997)


3 Responses to “Cyclefly (1997 Session)”

  1. christian montagne Says:

    Great to hear this again!! the CYCLEFLY Dave Fanning session is from 1997.

  2. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Thanks Christian, updated that & fixed spelling of your name 😉

  3. Christian and Declan of Cyclefly have a new band called Mako @MAKOTUNES

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