Quarterdeck (1984)


Donegal outfit Quarterdeck were to later achieve success with a female vocalist, Lorraine Walls but the lineup for their debut single in 1984 on Toby label was Billy Robinson (bass), Shaun McCarron (sax), Paul Miller (keyboards), Laurence Doherty (drums), Dave Harvey (vocals) and Jimmy Simmons (guitar?). Harvey would later see success with Derry band Cast Of Thousands. Quarterdeck released three further singles on Bus Records, ‘Strange Town’, ‘Nada‘ and ‘The Last War’. Thanks to regular contributor John for digging this one out, if you would like your own copy it can be had on eBay for €17.

In For The Kill (1984)

The Rhythm (1984)

5 Responses to “Quarterdeck (1984)”

  1. Danny mcTaggart Says:

    I remember all those years ago in the downtown bar in Letterkenny watching Quaterdeck….great memories!

  2. John Dundon Says:

    Not a bad investment for 50 p from a bargain box in Golden Discs I think ! By the time I get to pension ill be well sorted

  3. Wonderful stuff Was lucky enough to see them live in Letterkenny too all those years ago.

  4. Berend Visser Says:

    Pffff, that has been a very long time. We invited Quaterdeck to come to Holland (Dokkum as residence), beautiful time with the band, Lorraine and the guys. Also visited Ireland (Eire) same year or later, i do not remember. What I remember, we stayed at Carrigans and visited; Londonderry (Derry), Limerick and many more beautiful places in the south including Cork. With the band (Brimstone) we had a legendary show in Belfast. Maybe i will visit your great country again with my wife, Greetz from the Netherlands, Barry and family

  5. Billy McCoy Says:

    We played with this great band at the Cork jazz festival twas an education

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