At The Window – The Waltz (1989)

Paul Lehane (left) and Nick Knight

Paul Lehane (left) and Nick Knight

I recently came across a promo video on YouTube by long time site favourites At The Window. The track ‘The Waltz’ was recorded in London in 1989 and released on a 12″ EP. It turns out Eamonn Linehan of the band has been with RTÉ lyric fm since 2002 and currently hosts ‘The Blue Of The Night‘ on Friday through Sunday nights. I’ll let Eamonn take up the story..

Shannon was not your typical Irish town. Still isn’t, in fact. In Shannon, Eamonn soon befriended Donal Fean, a music lover who lived on the same housing estate. A younger brother of Johnny Fean of Horslips, Donal was the first person Eamonn met who owned albums by Captain Beefheart, Stravinsky and Eric Dolphy. Donal had even seen Frank Zappa in concert!

Attending his very first day at an English university, Eamonn hooked up with a kindred spirit who soon showed a similar indifference to the degree he was taking: guitarist Nick Knight. Nick is the only genius Eamonn is certain he’s met in his life so far. (You won’t have heard of Nick – such is the nature of the music business. Eamonn hopes to record with him again one day soon). Eamonn, Nick and drummer Paul Lehane founded the oddly-named At the Window during the early 1980s. (The band-name derived from a Clive James book of TV criticism – “the window does not very much shape the world; only, temporarily, what we see”).

When the trio decided to make a demo tape of original tunes, it was recorded on Donal Fean’s 4-track (portastudio) in Shannon. Created in a local hall over the Easter weekend of 1983, Donal’s recording captured the essence of the band’s sound far better than subsequent sessions made in professional studios in the UK. Broadcaster Dave Fanning became a fan. An A&R scout called Russ Conway twice recommended At The Window to the board of Phonogram Records (the label’s roster of acts included The Fall, Big Country, Dire Straits and Tears For Fears). And, despite the assistance of a former manager of The Stranglers and an ally at Warner Chappell music publishers, nothing came of a move to London.


The Waltz (1989)

One Response to “At The Window – The Waltz (1989)”

  1. John Dundon Says:

    Regret I missed At the Window at that time but have seen the Lost Steps a good few times including that gig at Darcy s in Shannon , they played a fab gig recently in Limerick at Cobblestones Joe s when they were really on fire , as Donal said not bad considering we only meet every few years or words to that effect

    Donal also saw Frankie Miller and Brinsley Schrawz in the Savoy in Limerick as he informed me at a recent Nick Lowe gig , I regretfully was locked in a boarding school at that time !

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