‘The Bands That Nearly Made It’ Dave Fanning (Irish Independent, 20th April 2013)


Dave Fanning had a two page spread in last weekend’s Irish Independent titled ‘The Bands That Nearly Made It‘. In it he recounts the story of his early days at RTE when himself and Ian Wilson started the Fanning Sessions and what that meant to up and coming Irish bands of the time. Dave then gives a nod to Rodriguez and Gilbert O’Sullivan before turning to Stephen Ryan of The Stars of Heaven and The Revenants (did they do a Fanning session?). Others mentioned are Paul Cleary, Gerry Leonard, liR and The Undertones. Read the full article online, thank you to Reekus Records for the image.


3 Responses to “‘The Bands That Nearly Made It’ Dave Fanning (Irish Independent, 20th April 2013)”

  1. demosuzki Says:

    “Take your pick from any of the acts that popped up simultaneously, immediately after or later on in the wake of the big one from the northside of Dublin: In Tua Nua, DC Nien, Cry Before Dawn, Cactus World News, Into Paradise, Above the Thunderclouds, Kathmandu, Light a Big Fire, Whipping Boy, The Vipers, Tearjerkers, Toasted Heretic, Tuesday Blue, Rudi, Power of Dreams, My Little Funhouse, Microdisney, The Fat Lady Sings, Fountainhead, Fatima Mansions, Big Self, Black Velvet Band, Blue in Heaven, The Atrix, Tokyo Olympics, Stump, Something Happens, Sack, Rhythm Kings, The Prayer Boat, The Outcasts, Mama’s Boys, Golden Horde, Engine Alley, Energy Orchard, Bogey Boys, A House, and so on”

    I think only Light a Big Fire, Whipping Boy, Microdisney, Fatima Mansions, Blue in Heaven, Golden horde , and.A House had any real legs.

  2. Revolver? O.k.- only two singles but “Silently Screaming” is monumental. They were also Dublin´s first punk band. Before The Radiators From Space or that lot from Blackrock.
    Also neglegated were 5 Go Down To The Sea. Plenty more, I`m sure…

  3. demosuzki Says:

    can’t believe i forgot to add the blades.
    probably the ‘most likely’.

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