John Peel plays ‘Teenage Kicks’ twice in a row (1978)


I saw ‘Good Vibrations‘ a second time and enjoyed it just as much as first time round. Favourite scenes include Terri’s first listen to ‘Teenage Kicks’ and John Peel playing said record. Congratulations to all who played a part in making the movie a reality. As a tribute here’s something I came across recently..

It’s been well documented over the years both in magazine articles and various TV interviews that John Peel played this record twice in a row stating, ‘I’m going to do something I’ve never done before’. This is also what he says in the excellent ‘Good Vibrations’ film. It’s sort of gone down in Undertones folk law. Interestingly though (unless he played it twice in a row on two occasions which I don’t think he did) he didn’t actually say that – as this clip proves. I believe there are two reasons why this misconception has arisen. Firstly, as far as I am aware, this sound bite has not been available to hear since its broadcast in 1978 and, secondly in subsequent interviews Peel stated that he played the record twice in a row and hadn’t ever done that before. So this statement became part of what he actually said at the time with nothing to prove otherwise.

It’s all semantics of course. All that matters is that he played this awesome record twice.

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