Cathal Coughlan (1992 Interview)


Here’s an clip of a 1992 Fanning interview with Cathal Coughlan of The Fatima Mansions shortly before their Rock Garden gig in Dublin. Up for discussion are; supporting U2, provoking a reaction in Germany, irony in lyrics, ‘Valhalla Avenue’, a holiday record, the film festival in Cork, music for a Channel 4 documentary, ‘Paper Thin Hotel‘ missing out to ‘A Singer Must Die’ on a Leonard Cohen tribute album. Thanks to Brand New Retro for the NME photo, check out full article here. Update: an eagle eyed reader informs me that the year was 1992 so corrected the year.

Cathal Coughlan (1992)

3 Responses to “Cathal Coughlan (1992 Interview)”

  1. I remember this interview so well, delighted to hear it again. Cathal is a genius. Thanks a million man

  2. Cork’s greatest musician ever – a pure genius

  3. John Aston Says:

    I hand painted that t-shirt (amongst others) for Cathal and the band – who still remain in my top 3 bands of all-time!

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