So She Said


So She Said were formed in Dublin in 1987 from the ashes of The Delegates. The band featured from left to right, Anto Healy (drums), Brian King (bass) and Pat O’Sullivan (vocals, guitar). The first two of the following tracks are demos that featured on the 1988 Danceline Records compilation ‘Swimming Out Of The Pool‘. That same year the band were Hot Press Band of the Year finalists. The photo is courtesy the great Irish Rock Discography. The final track ‘At Home In June’ won Hot Press /Murphy’s song of the month in 1989 but the band split up shortly afterwards..

So Happy (1988)

Let Me Out (1988)

At Home In June (1989)


7 Responses to “So She Said”

  1. Sandra Healy Says:

    Blast from the past 🙂

  2. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Adding a third track ‘Let Me Out’.

  3. […] involvement in the local scene by setting up, Danceline Records. ‘So Happy’ by Dublin band So She Said was the standout track from, Swimming Out Of The Pool, the first compilation on the new label, […]

  4. […] One more stop in this indiepop world tour. Now a country whose bands I’ve featured more and more this year, Ireland. And yet again, my main source of information is the most important blog The Fanning Sessions Archive. […]

  5. Excellent.

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