Paul McLoone ‘Good Vibrations’ Special


To celebrate the imminent release of ‘Good Vibrations‘ the movie about an independent record store in Belfast, based on Terri Hooley’s autobiography ‘Hooleygan‘ Paul McLoone on TodayFM will be having a Good Vibrations show tonight in his 9pm – midnight slot. Paul will feature an interview with Terri as well as lots of great music from the era. As they say round these parts, go see the movie early and often! If you check back after the show we hope to add a recording, blank tapes willing and all that.

Update: Adding recording of the show. Fans of Ulster Punk might want to check out the IFI on Saturday at 16.10 where you can catch the John T. Davis documentaries ‘Shellshock Rock’ & ‘Self-Conscious Over You’.

Terri Hooley on the Paul McLoone TodayFM show (28.3.2013)

Terri Hooley on the Dave Fanning 2FM show (6.4.2013)


2 Responses to “Paul McLoone ‘Good Vibrations’ Special”

  1. John Dundon Says:

    Came back from a gig last night to hear the joyous enthusaism of Terry Hooley , can’t wait to see the movie and yes it’s on in Limerick !! Did we ever think that a small independent record label in our island would make it to be a movie , it’s astounding

  2. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Terri Hooley was on Dave Fanning’s show this morning, added audio link to post

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