John Borrowman – Stoned Circle

John Borrowman came up recently when we posted an RTE1 Sunday Miscellany profile on The Atrix. That prompted a reader to contact us about John’s solo album ‘Stoned Circle’ which seems to have gone unnoticed. John moved to Copenhagen in the late 80s and it was here and in Dublin’s Sonic Studios that he assembled a cast of friends and musicians to record what was to become his final album.



01. Inside The Pale

02. Total Recall

03. Folk This Town

04. Realm Of Gold

05. My Attitude

06. Jive And Cabaret

3 Responses to “John Borrowman – Stoned Circle”

  1. John Dundon Says:

    Thanks so much to John’s friend for releasing this to the world and for posting it

  2. […] On 12 March, the ‘Fanning Sessions’ blog uploaded John’s solo album ‘Stoned Circle’ which was recorded in Copenhagen in the late 1980s. John passed away in the city in January 1998. You can listen to the album here. […]

  3. […] final set ‘Stoned Circle’ recorded some years later, can be heard courtesy of Fanning Sessions. Fan of the band, John Fleming has posted a half hour gig originally recorded and broadcast by RTE […]

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