Windmill Lane To Destroy Tape Archive

Nice piece on RTE Radio 1’s ‘Morning Ireland’ today about Windmill Lane studios who have issued an appeal to musicians who recorded there in the pre-digital era to collect their master tapes before they are destroyed. The tapes fill the attic of the new Windmill Lane studios location in Ringsend and can be reclaimed by the artists that recorded them before May 7th.

Irish artists who have recorded there include: Pop Mecanics, Eamonn Gibney, Moving Hearts, Neuro, Those Nervous Animals, DC Nien, The Atrix, The Negatives, Kick, Those Handsome Devils, The Secret Life / The Quest, The Fuze, Barry Ronan, Nigel Rolfe, The Xn-trix, Minor Detail, Swinging Swine, Aslan, Full Circle, Smiley Bolger, Porcelyn Tears, Geoffrey’s First Affair, Microdisney, Katmandu, The Bogey Boys, Reform, Stepaside, Sunshine, and Tony Koklin, Fountainhead. I have contacted Windmill Lane for a full list of tapes, it would be very unfortunate if recordings by lesser known artists were to be lost forever.

‘Spooling In The Years’ (28/2/2013)

Tony Perrey on Dave Fanning Show‘ (2/3/2013)


The two-inch multitrack tapes were used in the days before digital technology took over the studios in the middle of the last decade. Over the years they have begun to deteriorate and are of questionable use. The tapes have started to “shed” their recording material.

“They are probably not of any practical value,” said Tony Perrey, a producer at the studio. “You would only ever get one chance to play them again and that would be under archival conditions.” Many of the tapes are either demos, master tape back-ups or discarded takes. Mr Perrey said they will start to destroy the tapes from May. He said they could be digitised but such a process would be “hugely expensive”.

A full list of acts who recorded at the studios is available at the Windmill Lane website.

The Irish Times – Thursday, February 28, 2013

4 Responses to “Windmill Lane To Destroy Tape Archive”

  1. would somebody not take them as a full archive and display them as an exhibition or something? dont just destroy them, donate them or something! 😮 stuff like this actually means something to some people!

  2. I studied there for the last couple of years. They had the cases stuck to the walls until recently, it was pretty cool reading some of the names (There was even a Spice Girls session!) Most of the ones that would mean anything to anyone are already in the possession of the people who made them though. The majority of what’s left are scraps from sessions, B-sides and lesser known bands.

    They’re not just destroying them, they’re trying to return them to their rightful owners, anyone who doesn’t claim them only really has themselves to blame, Windmill are spreading word of this around to loads of media outlets. You have to wonder though if they meant anything to them why did they leave them there in the first place?

  3. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Thanks Paul, heard Tony on Dave Fanning this morning and it does sound like no tape will be destroyed without some effort to track down rightful owner. I may have been a little sensationalist with my choice of headline 😉 Added the Dave Fanning audio to the post.

  4. John Dundon Says:

    I wonder have they much of Katmandu , D C Nien , Tony Koklin RIP, did Full Circle who played the Baggot for years ever release anything ? what about a Windmill Lane double CD retropestive , it’s a great brand , stick on a U2 rarity from back in the day and that would sell the rest …. I know copyright !!!

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