Beautiful Noise

“Beautiful Noise is a captivating novel, funny, sparky and full of life. Set in Dublin in the 1980s, Seymour plunges into the story of Elliot, Iris, Squirrel and the gang, who decide to create a pirate station in Dublin that will not only rival the might of RTE, but surpass it.

A love letter to 1980s music and Dublin itself (the city is lavishly captured), Beautiful Noise has echoes of Roddy Doyle in its style, but ultimately signals the arrival of a fresh new voice. Six years in the writing (Seymour quit her high-powered marketing job and moved in with her mother for the duration), a film version has already been optioned by A Good Day To Die Hard director John Moore. Available in paperback for under a tenner, radio heads and Dublin denizens should rush out to buy this one: you’ll enjoy yourself immensely.”

Nadine O’Regan, Sunday Business Post, 8 February 2013


‘Beautiful Noise’ by Helen Seymour, €10.99 in your local bookshop.

Helen Seymour (On The Kiosk with Nadine O’Regan)


One Response to “Beautiful Noise”

  1. John Dundon Says:

    Just getting to the end , a great read , definitely potential for a movie

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