Sunday Miscellany – The Atrix

Poet Pat Boran looked at The Atrix on RTE Radio show ‘Sunday Miscellany‘ recently. The Atrix were John Borrowman (guitar/vocals), Dick Conroy (bass), Chris Green (keyboards) and Hugh Friel (drums). Check out the excellent Irish Rock website for more information.

Sunday Miscellany‘ (17th February 2013)

10 Responses to “Sunday Miscellany – The Atrix”

  1. John Dundon Says:

    Thanks for posting , I heard this last Sunday morning and found it really moving , the Atrix were a fantastic exciting live band , every performance I saw was unique and their recorded legacy does them real justice . Their lp one of the early releases on Scoff , a great irish label which is long overdue a re appraisal , came with a cassette copy of the album which I still stick on from time to time

  2. Heard this on Sunday alright and felt sure they would top it with ‘Treasure on the Wasteland’ a song I have spent years trying to find. I was standing by with iPhone ready to record from my cheap radio loudspeaker like we did listening to Dave Fanning back in my youth. Alas no. Respect to ‘The Moon is Puce’ and all, but anyone got a digital version of TotW?

  3. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Thank you for the comments. Here is the requested ‘Treasure On The Wasteland’

  4. I was a very close friend of Johns. In fact i was by his side when he died, 15 years ago, here in Copenhagen.
    I have copies of his two short movies and his solo album- “Stoned Circle”- which should be in the public domain.
    Reply please- I need assistance putting these things out. Permission has been granted by family.

  5. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Have contacted Tony, will update when the package arrives.

  6. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Tony, I have received your package, will get to work and keep you updated.

  7. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Thanks to Tony, check out ‘Stoned Circle’ here:

  8. John Fleming Says:

    Here is a 30-min RTE broadcast gig from 1982 by The Atrix I just uploaded to YouTube. You might like to share the link for Atrix fans. Thanks, John

  9. […] On 17 February 2013, poet Pat Boran looked at The Atrix on RTE Radio show ‘Sunday Miscellany‘. You can listen to the episode on the excellent ‘Fanning Sessions’ blog here. […]

  10. john byrne Says:

    Always been wanting to find copies of John’s poetry books. One of them turned up online yesterday. Being that words were the most striking thing with him, I’m looking forward to reading it. His theatrical interests are even more subsumed into the past I guess, but again it would be good to see any of that out and abroad. Half histories are prodigal, nomadic and nearly something they shouldn’t be…..

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