Joey Burns of Calexico with Jay Ahern (2003)


Ten years ago Calexico played two nights in Whelan’s. While in town Joey Burns dropped into the 2fm studio where Jay Ahern was recording his Sunday night show. I am sure Calexico fans out there will enjoy what transpired. Calexico play Dublin’s Olympia Theatre this Thursday, 14th Feb 2013.

Sunday 9th Feb 2003

Calexico ‘Not Even Stevie Nicks’
Calexico ‘The Book and The Canal’
Corker/Conboy ‘Akka’
Neko Case ‘Lady Pilot’
Giant Sand ‘Temptation Of Egg’
Calexico ‘Guero Canelo’
Calexico ‘Attack El Robot ! Attack !’
ABBC ‘Gilbert’
Calexico ‘Whipping The Horse’s Eyes’
I Am Not A Gun ‘Jet Stream’
Joey Burns ‘Deep Down’ (Live In Studio)
Calexico ‘Quattro’

Part 1

OP8 ‘If I Think Of Love’
Rainer Ptacek ‘Pastime Paradise’
Calexico ‘Crumble’
The Sea And Cake ‘Four Corners’
OP8 ‘Sand’
Domotic ‘Durchkomponiert’
Calexico ‘Black Heart’
The Black Heart Procession ‘Tropics Of Love’
Calexico ‘Güero Canelo’
Joey Burns ‘Concrete Pool’ ( Live In Studio)
Calexico ‘No Doze’
Calexico ‘Service And Repair’

Part 2

One Response to “Joey Burns of Calexico with Jay Ahern (2003)”

  1. Not to be picky but it’s “Convict Pool” as opposed to “Concrete Pool” (although that’s a really evocative title as well.)

    Thanks for the upload though, just discovered this blog today and am amazed at the variety, quality and volume of the content. My only quibble would be that a list of tags on the home page would make navigation at little easier.

    Keep up the good work.

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