A House (1990 Interview)

Prior to the release of their second album ‘I Want Too Much’ Dave Couse (vocals & guitar), Fergal Bunbury (guitar), Martin Healy (bass), Dermot Wylie (drums) aka A House had a chat with Dave Fanning from London where the band were performing as part of an Irish rock week in The Mean Fiddler. The performance of ‘Violent Love’ at the end is well worth the wait. Dave Couse can of course be heard every Sunday on TodayFM from 10pm until midnight.

– Manstrong (live)
recording on Inisboffin, Mike Hedges etc
– Shivers Up My Spine (album)
– 13 Wonderful Lovesongs (live)
on signing autographs
– Bring Down The Beast (live)
Martin & Dermot on falling off stage in SF, touring US, the Go-Betweens
– I Think I’m Going Mad (single)
– Smalltalk (live)
John Carroll (manager) & Liam Crinnion
– Violent love (live)
Mean Fiddler gig listings for rest of week..

Interview (1990)

2 Responses to “A House (1990 Interview)”

  1. Great post, and even better interview/session…

    Just spent the day playing my A House Vinyl to someone who’d never heard them. He was particularly taken with ‘Heart Happy’ which never even made an album, let alone their Best Of.

    Prob the most interesting Irish band ever.

    I Want Too Much is one of those forgotten gems, and to hear the process involved in recording is eye-opening

    Btw, think I’ve sourced a cassette copy of their last session (recorded the week of the farewell gig) which includes new versions of Endless Art, Violent Love and 13 Wonderful Love Songs – if I can find it. Will send on to you

  2. Danny mcTaggart Says:

    I remember that Irish Rock week in the Mean Fiddler in London, May 1990, I was playing on the first night with Ego Minefield from Donegal….was a great weekend of Irish music.

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