Andy Kershaw ‘No Off Switch’

I’ve just finished reading Andy Kershaw‘s autobigraphy ‘No Off Switch‘ and wanted to say how enjoyable it was. I first came across Andy as a DJ on BBC Radio 1 on who’s shows you never knew what to expect, he played anything and everything from African folk to US new (and old) country. I also knew his as a TV presenter on ‘The Old Grey Whistle Test’ which I still remember fondly watching of a New Year’s Eve. Andy introduced me to Dwight Yoakam and Lyle Lovett and that US new country segment is still etched in my mind. But Andy’s career is much longer and wide ranging than this as I was to learn when reading this book. Living in Ireland means that I was thankfully spared the media attention for which many probably think they know Andy and thankfully this book does not dwell on those times. The book does recount trips to the US to track down Ted Hawkins and other forgotten musicians, Andy’s days as Leeds Ents officer, trips as intrepid reporter to the homelands of loony dictators, the list goes on. If you enjoy a fascinating read, do yourself a favour and get this book. Then go and check out some of his shows which is what I am doing now, listening to Andy on ‘Desert Island Discs‘. Here’s a track from a band who I remember being blown away by in Limerick’s Savoy in the 80s and who I probably first heard on Andy’s show.

The Real Sounds of Africa ‘Wende Zako

3 Responses to “Andy Kershaw ‘No Off Switch’”

  1. John Dundon Says:

    Yep it’s a great read , you should consider getting your hands on whispering Bob Harris published 2001 by BBC books as if you enjoyed Andy s book you will def enjoy it

  2. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Thanks John, will try to track it down, looks like it is out of print but might pick up a second hand copy reasonably..

  3. Via his Facebook account, Andy Kershaw has been putting together a sort of ad hoc “No Off Switch – The Album” feature, where he posts regularly about songs and artists that made a major impact upon him and / or which feature in the book. With his permission, I’ve been pulling these posts together into a blog archive – which you can find here:

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