David Long solo lp ‘Water Has Memory’

water has memory

David Long, frontman with influential late 80s/ early 90s Dublin band Into Paradise has just announced the release on 25th February 2013 of a 17 track solo lp. The self financed, self released so called vanity project has been described by David as “my favourite album that I’ve been involved in”. The album includes a track ‘Bigger Picture” featuring Joanne Loughman (The Glee Club, The Swinging Swine) and a cover of U2 track ‘Out Of Control’.

Update: The album has now hit the shops and is also available to order online or download via iTunes. Nick Kelly did a nice piece in Saturday’s Independent where he even gives us a mention although he does incorrectly suggest that the tracks in this post came from a Fanning session.

Enter Godot

Out Of Control‘ (U2)

London Is Fog

Papa Don’t Go

Ghost On My Tracks

11 Responses to “David Long solo lp ‘Water Has Memory’”

  1. Pete Cole Says:

    David Long rocks! I run, well ran as its hardly used these days, the Into Paradise MySpace page. It’s @ http://www.myspace.com/intoparadise

  2. Anyone have any further information exact release date DAVID LONG – Water Has Memory album as CD?

    DAVID LONG used to have myspace account years ago but it is no longer available… He must have a contact page for further news for his about solo album for all DAVID LONG fans and off course INTO PARADISE fans like me….!

    MR. LONG…


    All the best…

  3. Eugene Connolly Says:

    What he said above…

  4. Fanning Sessions Says:

    ‘Water Has Memory’ is available now in Tower and Freebird Records and has been receiving national airplay on the Dan Hegarty and Dave Fanning shows on RTE 2fm. Dave said the album was “very good”.

  5. Fanning Sessions Says:

    ‘Water Has Memory’ is album of the week on the excellent Dan Hegarty show on RTE 2fm:

    “David Long used to be vocalist with the hugely underrated Into Paradise many years ago. ‘Water has Memory’ is his debut solo album. It’s an album that you’ll like straight away, and grow to like more and more as you become more familiar with it.”


  6. David Long’s debut solo album, ‘Water Has Memory’ now available by mail-order @ http://www.towerrecords.ie/product/LONG,DAVID_WATER_HAS_MEMORY/573607

  7. hi David long time no hear wishing you the very best of luck with the new album

    talk soon


    ps regards to all.

  8. Mr Creosote Says:

    Good stuff!

  9. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Hot Press review:

    David Long: Water Has Memory

    Into parade man re-enters The Fray Solo…

    Craig Fitzpatrick, 22 Mar 2013

    David Long was the mainman with late ‘80s/early ‘90s Irish hopefuls Into Paradise. His solo debut is a lo-fi offering with brow firmly furrowed: a record for rain and mackintoshes. With echoes of the Bunnymen, Long conjures some Spiritualized moodiness and bleak Americana. It can be too downbeat though. The drum machine loops are at best unobtrusive, at worst distracting: Long deserves better backing and production.

    Elsewhere, his pipes and melodies win the day, as he sings for the losers and lonely in life. ‘Enter Godot’ doesn’t manage it, whilst ‘Where Does Happiness Go?’ is too long. But his penchant for repetition does work on the shorter ‘Gravel’, which has a mantric feel and brutally honest lyrics that purge the soul. The computerised plonks on ‘Time Passes’ are oddly affecting, and the closer ‘Bigger Picture’ is gorgeous. Here Long’s world-weary voice is a salve for the souls of the perenially heartbroken. Though mixed, Water Has Memory is a dark pool that Into Paradise fans at least will want to plunge into.


  10. Thomas Erbsloh Says:

    Today`s the 15th anniversary of Adrian Borland`s untimely death … what a loss!!!

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