The Fireflys

fireflys megamix 1988

This band came up recently on the Tom Dunne show where The Strypes performed on the Christmas special. Tom mentioned that there was a parental link to The Fireflys so some research was in order, Cavan is decidedly underrepresented on this site so this was as opportunity to rectify that.


According to the Irish Rock Discography, The Fireflys were John Walsh, Barry Walsh, Niall Walsh and Paul Cox (drums). Niall Walsh is indeed manager of The Strypes and father of drummer Evan.

The first clip is a track which is very familiar but which I havent yet placed is a performance of ‘Love Train’ on RTE’s Action Station Saturday.

The second is an RTE Late Late Show performance.

Further details and clarifications are as usual most welcome.


6 Responses to “The Fireflys”

  1. John Dundon Says:

    U are right about the connection , was chatting to a chap from Cavan during the summer between songs at the Westport festival with the Strypes on stage at lunchtime between the heavy showers who confirmed the family connection

    he was telling me that the Da is I think manager of the National concert hall , I was telling him that I have the two Firefly 7 inches in picture bags !!

    Nice little piece in Hot Press annual , Stypes have great influences especially Dr Feelgood and Wilko J

    Look at those tour dates , Ennis , Newcastle West and the Highland in Newmarket on the Cork border !! Can we go tonight ?

    Mind you Strypes playing the Thatch Tullamore on 1st Jan , it’s in the genes , I might even travel

  2. I also recall seeing the band on with Zig & Zag (Ian Dempsey or Ray Darcy, not sure). They were interviewed and played an acoustic song or two at the desk. They also supported the Tom Tom Club in Dublin. Will see if i have any further info on this.

  3. Eddie McCormack Says:

    As johnny giles would say, “The FIreflys, good band but not a great band”. Looking back now their music was great but you could never make out the lyrics apart from the chorus of any song….sorry but it’s true. Had many a great night in Cavan and Dublin following the flys. Funny I’ve just been to “the stunning” in seapoint ballroom in Galway….everybody was singing every song back to them, probably 1000 people at the gig, pure class….funny I seen the fireflys supporting something happens there back in 89/90.

  4. Rufus T Firefly Says:

    Hi, great site! In reference to ‘Lovetrain’ and not being able to place it, it is a Firefly’s original, B side of their ’89 single ‘Judgement Day’. Keep up the good work guys!

  5. Alan Halford Says:

    I have the 7″ of Judgement Day. It was produced by Chris O’Brien and Aslan’s Joe Jewell!

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