Tapes Wanted

Like the BBC who recently had a Tape Amnesty we too are on the lookout for listener recordings. Be it Fanning sessions, Fanning interviews, BP Fallon Orchestras, Mark Cagney Nighttrains, Pat Kenny Record Cabinets we’d love to hear from you. Of particular interest are those lost bands that that the internet has no record of. A few of these acts can be already found within these pages but our work is not yet done. If you have tapes in the attic now might be a good time to dig them out, give them a listen, and even better convert them to a digital form and send us a copy so that we can share with like minded souls. The device shown above from ALDI is an inexpensive option for those who no longer have a tape deck to hand but if you still have one all you may need is a cable to connect your tape player to your computer where a free application like Audacity can record and convert to MP3. There are many articles that explain how to do this and we will gladly help in any way we can. Update: the ALDI device shown is PC only so Mac users steer clear

5 Responses to “Tapes Wanted”

  1. I used to play in a Limerick band called “16 Tons Of Jive”, in the 80’s.
    They did a Fanning Session, again a long lost tape. If anyone has a copy I would to hear it again after all these years.

    All the best.

  2. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Hi Ralph, did you ever contact archives@rte.ie, they should have a copy of that session.

  3. Are you really serious ? You’ve got more chance of getting people ruining their archives rather than helping to save some forgotten gems.

    Sadly, I cannot find a serious guide about tape transfer, as I could take any guide and say it’s a not-to-do-guide. I shall consider writing one with all the experience I learnt those last few years.

  4. Mick Turato Says:

    I’ve got one of those usb cassette things and it works perfectly with my mac. The only problems I have had with it are due to my old cassettes sticking to the pinch roller due to their decomposition. The trick is to keep cleaning the device to prevent the tapes unravelling. It’s a great yoke for the price.

  5. Danny McTaggart Says:

    I have a tape of Dave Fanning interviewing Ego Minefield band from Letterkenny back in 1989 after the release of their first single-All in your mind..produced by Aslan on Danceline records.

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