John T Davis (2012 Interview)

John T Davis
Photo courtesy Culture Northerm Ireland

33 years after ‘Shellshock Rock‘ was controversially withdrawn from the festival programme at the last minute, John T Davis returned to the Cork Film Festival this year for a showing of his seminal Irish punk document. The movie was eventually shown but only thanks to then UCC Entertainments Officer Elvera Butler.

I had met Terri Hooley some time earlier when we were both were guests on the Dave Fanning Rock Show on RTE, talking about rock music in the north and south of the country respectively, and he got in touch with me to see if I could do anything to help.

The following is an interview John gave on 96FM Irish music show ‘The Green Room’ hosted by Michael Carr.

Green Room Interview (17th Nov 2012)

3 Responses to “John T Davis (2012 Interview)”

  1. Francis Foyle Says:

    Davis’s photo of Dylan and Morrison in Athens is on my kitchen wall. He invited me to collect the print from his home and was the nicest fellow.

  2. John Dundon Says:

    Nice interview especially since I could not make the screenings , thanks

  3. ‘Shellshock Rock’ can now be viewed online at the British Film Institute BFI

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