The Tycho Brahe

The Tycho Brahe were Carol Keogh (vocals), Donal O’Mahony (guitars, keyboards and mandolin) and Diarmuid MacDiarmada (drums). Formed in 2002 they released 2 albums ‘This Is’ (2002) and ‘Love Life’ (2003). The trio had originally collaborated as The Low Babies as early as 1994 before Keogh and O’Mahony formed The Plague Monkeys in late 1995 with Barry Roden (bass) and Thomas Haugh (drums, percussion and keyboards). Carol Keogh is currently seeking support via to record a new album with The City Fathers. The band “get Saucy” this Sunday Nov 11 at the Grand Social (free in, on stage 9.45pm). Hopefully in the not too distant future we might be able to dig out The Plague Monkeys Fanning session.

The following three tracks were recorded in Autumn 2002, so round about ten years ago, and during the writing of Tychos’ second album ‘Love Life’ was released. 2FM sessions, in the wonderful Studio 8 setting in RTE, were then as now a pleasure to record. That studio has a very special old-school ambience, with its swimming-pool-like sunken live room and lovely-sounding grand piano. Not to mention the dedicated efficiency of the studio engineers, who really get it, and the ubiquitous presence of producer, Ian Wilson, with his laid-back passion for the music.

Read more and hear the City Fathers 2012 session for Dan Hegarty on the Carol Keogh site

Bit By Bit‘ / ‘The Spike and The Wheel‘ / ‘Defiance‘ (2002)

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