Music theme at 2012 Corona Cork Film Festival

Music fans are well catered for at this year’s Corona Cork Film Festival which takes place 11-18 November. Of particular interest for us are the screening of the new Terri Hooley biopic ‘Good Vibrations‘ as well as the John T Davis ‘Ulster Punk Trilogy‘ which features ‘Shellshock Rock’ (1979), ‘Self-Conscious Over You’ (1980) and ‘Protex Hurrah’ (1980). Both screenings will be introduced by their respective directors and there are even rumours the unsuppressible Hooley will also be in evidence. Other notable music related films on an impressive bill are ‘The Great Flood‘ a film-music collaboration between Bill Morrison and Bill Frisell based on and inspired by the Mississippi River Flood of 1927 and the ensuing transformation of American society. Promoted in association with Note Productions, this opening night event on November 11th at the Cork Opera House will be the only Irish date. The festival also sees the Irish premiere of Jonathan Holiff’s ‘My Father And The Man In Black‘ the untold story of Cash, his talented but troubled manager, Saul Holiff, and a son searching for his father in the shadow of a legend. Also on view are ‘Art Will Save The World‘ a 70-minute documentary about former Auteur Luke Haines, ‘Punk In Africa‘, ‘Hit So Hard‘ a behind the scenes doc from ex Hole drummer Patty Schemel, ‘Grandma Lo-Fi: The Basement Tapes of Sigríður Níelsdóttir‘ a look at the septuagenarian Icelandic/Danish musician and visual artist, ‘Anda Union: From The Steppes To The City‘ on the 10,000km journey of a 10 strong group of young Mongolian musicians, ‘Very Extremely Dangerous‘ a frightening, fascinating journey into the mad world of Jerry McGill, and ‘Sound It Out‘ which documents the very last surviving vinyl record shop in north east England. Check here for a list of all music related movies with details and trailers.

2 Responses to “Music theme at 2012 Corona Cork Film Festival”

  1. John Dundon Says:

    i will have to try to get to ULSTER PUNK TRILOGY since i saw the first screening in the Arcadia with the Outcasts and Rudi on stage after , thanks so much for info as i might have missed it

  2. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Check out John T Davis interview here

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