Rocky de Valera & The Rhythm Kings (1981 Session)

We originally featured Rocky de Valera and The Rhythm Kings eighteen months ago when we posted a track from the band’s 1981 Fanning session. Today we have two further tracks from that very session. The last we heard from Rocky or Ferdia MacAnna as you may know him a band was being assembled for at least one reunion gig. Further details remain elusive but as soon as we have them you’ll be the first to know, meanwhile why not check out Rocky De Valera and the Gravediggers over at

’54-46′ (1981)

‘Ain’t Got No Home’ (1981)

4 Responses to “Rocky de Valera & The Rhythm Kings (1981 Session)”

  1. John Dundon Says:

    Let’s hope u are right one one more ride out for the Rhythm Kings as surely they were the sons of God !

  2. HEY HEY HOLLY! Yeah they put on a good show alright. Had all the pretty girls wandering around wearing their t-shirts. Did they pay them or did they really have the best looking fans?

  3. Back soon …details soon

  4. rocky de valera Says:

    Gigging at The Stag’s Head, Dublin. Sunday August 11th, 4.7. Check out the new CD, The Best of Rocky de Valera and the Rhythm Kings 1980-83 . Rock on.

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