Irish Peel Sessions


Compiling a complete list of Fanning sessions is almost as elusive as finding the holy grail. Much easier is a list of Irish acts who recorded sessions for the late great John Peel. Some of these have been released officially on the Strange Fruit label and I may start tracking down a few more of those that didn’t. If a band recorded more than one session the number of sessions recorded follows in brackets. The names are linked to the BBC page for that artist. One day RTE might take a leaf out of the BBC’s book.

Ash (4), Bees Make Honey, Big Self, The Bothy Band (3), Boys Of The Lough (7), Boomtown Rats (2), Paul Brady, Cane 141, The Chieftains (5), The Cranberries, De Danann, Dr Strangely Strange, Eire Apparent, Eleven, The Fatima Mansions (2), Finbar & Eddie Furey (3), Frank & Walters, Rory Gallagher (2), Christie Hennessy, Hey Paulette, The Hitchers, Horslips (3), A House (2), In Dust, Joyrider (3), The Johnstons, Jubilee Allstars, Luggage, Microdisney (6), The Moondogs, My Bloody Valentine, Na Fili (3), Nirvana with the Syd Dale Orchestra, The Outcasts (2), Pet Lamb (2), Planxty (3), The Pogues (2), Protex, Rollerskate Skinny, Rudi, Rumble ?, The Sewing Room, Sharon Shannon, Skid Row, The Stars Of Heaven (4), Stiff Little Fingers (4), Stump (4), The Sultans Of Ping FC, Taste, The Tearjerkers (2), That Petrol Emotion (3), Therapy? (2), The Undertones (6), Thin Lizzy (9), Tir Na nOg (4), Tunic (4), The Vipers, Gay & Terry Woods, The Would Be’s, Xdreamysts, Zerra 1 (2)

Corrections welcome, e.g. missing bands or those incorrectly flagged as Irish.

Artwork via @hitoneie for John Peel Day 2005

Irish Peel Sessions YouTube playlist:

12 Responses to “Irish Peel Sessions”

  1. You are missing of Zerra One, who recorded two Peel sessions in 1984…

  2. PS I have both sessions if you want copies?

  3. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Thanks Pete, that was fast! Would you believe it was a copy/paste error 😉 I might take you up on that offer..

  4. Drop me an email…

  5. I remember Eleven did a session (around ’84) for JP, probably post Undertones but pre That Petrol Emotion. I think O’Neill and Bradley were in the band.

  6. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Thanks James, I must see if I can track that down

  7. I have a recording of the session in a box of Peel Sessions and Festive 50’s. I don’t know if the tape is bunched though.

  8. Fanning Sessions Says:

    James you’d be surprised how resilient those cassettes are 😉 I had a quick look over on the John Peel Wikia and they do not appear to have a recording of this show (27/6/1984).. Can I be of assistance?

  9. Hey the peel group on yahoo might be able to help – also check out the related wiki – – lots of links to download files of the shows

  10. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Thanks Steve, the Peel Wiki is a great resource, I am an occasional contributor 🙂

  11. Colm Fitzpatrick Says:

    Missing The Sewing Room, recorded in 1996, two members of Hey Paulette (me, Colm Fitzpatrick) and Eamonn Davis.

  12. Ian Maloney Says:

    Slack. Wexford band. Fanning Session. 1993

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