Vipers (Peel Session)

From Dublin The Vipers were Paul Boyle (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) George Sweeney (lead guitar), Brian Dolan (bass, backing vocals) and Dave Moloney (drums). They recorded a Peel Session on 27th Feb 1979 and this repeat broadcast of the session is from 17th April 1979. The tracks recorded were ‘You’re On Your Own Kid’, ‘Playin’ The Game’, ‘Too Rough’ and ‘You’re So Strange’. We have two tracks from the session with John Peel’s intros and outros. Also getting a mention in these clips are Terri Hooley and The Undertones. Thanks to the Peel Wikia for this recording. While we are on the subject check out Dublin punk bands on facebook courtesy the Come Here To Me blog.

Too Rough (1979)

You’re So Strange (1979)

7 Responses to “Vipers (Peel Session)”

  1. I dug out a slightly better recording of playing the game and stuck some pictures from the family album and Jeff Muir’s blog ( into a video:

    Dave will shortly put up snippets of his biography “mind Your Ties” on the facebookpage: http://www.facebook/


  2. Ken Sweeney Says:

    Can remember playing this on an old BASF cassette. Brother’s guitar riff on ‘So Strange’ has haunted me for years….

  3. The Vipers returned to active gigging with new drummer Bernie Smirnoff in September 1979 at the Bridge House in Canning Town, East London. The Smirnoff- era band recorded further tracks for Mulligan in early 1980 and as a result were slated to sign with the Roxy Music-owned EG Records later that year. Ultimately departure of key personnel at EG led to the Vipers releasing only one song ‘Take Me’ on the EG-subsiduary Energy Records (on the ‘Room to Move’ EP) and the shelving of the planned deal. Although successful gigs at London’s Hope and Anchor and Electric Ballroom followed, the Vipers never regained their initial momentum. Brian Foley and George Sweeney decided to leave at Christmas 1980 returning to Dublin, Foley to The Blades and Sweeney to Red Square .

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