From Dublin, Peach were Shane Leinster (vocals, guitar), Darren Hand (bass), Mick Creedon (guitar), and Greg McQuaid (drums). Greg was later replaced by Sean Ryan from the Honeythieves. The band recorded a Fanning session in March/April 1992 but they no longer have a copy of that recording. This track appeared on the ‘Breaking Sound Barriers Vol. 2‘ compilation from that same year. Peach recently featured in the Hot Press Unsigned Irish Music Act 1991 post. Mick Creedon later went on to join The Joys and Junkster. If anyone has a copy of the lost session we’d love to hear from you..

When She Smiles (1992)


2 Responses to “Peach”

  1. Shane Leinster Says:

    Shane here – Thanks for posting this. It means a lot to be included on this site despite our losing the actual Fanning session recordings. There was a great song on that too called “Sugar” I’d love to hear again. The early 90’s were incredible times in Dublin’s music scene. Privileged to be a part of it…

  2. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Hi Shane, I am trying to get an updated list of Fanning sessions from RTE so will let you know if I do. In the meantime we’ll have to hope someone with a personal recording stumbles across this..

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