Ted Hawkins on the BPFO (4 April 1987)

The BP Fallon Orchestra was the title of RTE Radio 2 show hosted by BP Fallon on Saturday and Sunday evenings from 1982 until 1987. His guest on Aprill 4th 1987 was Ted Hawkins (October 28, 1936 – January 1, 1995) an American singer-songwriter from Mississippi.

Hawkins achieved cult status among fans around the world, but was usually to be found playing guitar and singing, while sitting on a milk-crate, entertaining passers-by in Santa Monica, California. He was often rescued from this fate over the years, by enthusiastic record producers and even by the BBC’s roving reporter Andy Kershaw, who championed his cause in Britain. However Hawkins seemed torn between the promise of artistic success and the lure of a delinquent life style.
The Independent (13/1/1995)

In this hour long show Ted talks to BP about his youth, school and how he ended up in prison. Thanks to Martin for digging this one out.

Ted Hawkins BPFO (1987)

2 Responses to “Ted Hawkins on the BPFO (4 April 1987)”

  1. Very vibed to hear this again.

    Keep those BPFOs a-comin’ – with the music an’ all.

    Thank you!


  2. Wow what a Gem…

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