The Outcasts (1981 Fanning Session)

THE OUTCASTS - bandpic2
Thanks to long time supporter Rob for digging this one out. The Outcasts were a Belfast punk band formed in 1978 by Greg Cowan (vocals/bass), Colin Getgood (guitar), Martin Cowan (guitar) and Colin Cowan (drums). They appeared in the John T. Davis’ ‘Shellshock Rock‘ documentary on NI punk and later in their own doc ‘Self Conscious Over You’. In mid 1980 Greg Cowan was injured in a motorbike accident and Gordie Blair (SLF/Rudi) joined on a temporary basis – he actually appears in the ‘Self Concious’ doc. Colin Cowan was tragically killed in a car crash in May 1982. The Outcasts recorded sessions for Dave Fanning, John Peel (2x), Janice Long and Downtown Radio. Incidentally The Outcasts were the most requested act on Dave Couse’s recent ‘An Teach Solas‘. Check them out on facebook. Photo courtesy Museum of Radio Sessions.

Machine Gun (1981)

Hiroshima (1981)

Magnum Force (1981)

Beating and Screaming (1981)

2 Responses to “The Outcasts (1981 Fanning Session)”

  1. john dundon Says:


    just starting to listen to this one , i saw the OUTCASTS and Rudi at the Downtown Campus Arcadia Cork where SHELL SHOCK ROCK had been apparently banned from the Cork Film Festival and were switched to the CAMPUS , i still have the poster from the gig , after the film and the two bands played , CADO BELLE came as i think they were the booked to play originally , what a night

    tks for posting

    John +

  2. Fanning Sessions Says:

    thanks john, what about a photo of the poster 😉

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