St Vitus Dance

I dont usually post back to back on the same artist but I found another St Vitus Dance tune and it didnt quite fit with the original post hence the second shot. This track was recorded off Radio Ulster I think, probably ‘The Bottom Line’ with Mike Edgar. It sounds quite different to the album version so I’m guessing it’s a demo, maybe even the version that was on that flexi disc I mentioned in the last post. For me though this one nails it, is that just because its the one I listened to all these years? As usual if anyone would care to add more detail, anecdotes corrections etc please leave a comment below.

Meet Mohammed (1986)


5 Responses to “St Vitus Dance”

  1. ndyah elyob Says:

    You got it. Same as flexi-disc. It may be taken from BBC TV session for Janice Long which was criminally cut short for live TV in 1986/7.

  2. the ould triangle Says:

    Wasn’t Janice Long but whatever. Found some other unreleased tracks from around that period on you tube- bland bliss baby (St Vitus Dance Mk3) and weather (Hooray Henry sessions)

  3. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Thanks for the tip! The rips are not the best but the tracks themselves sound great..

    St Vitus Dance – Bland Bliss Baby

    St Vitus Dance – Hooray Henry Weather

  4. Hi ,
    You are indeed correct . I played lead guitar on this track which was originally released as a flexidisc on Good Vibs through a fanzine the name of which escapes me. Blah Blah Blah also featured on the disc . It may have been played on local radio and a different version ended up on ‘Love me love my dogma ‘. St vitus dance are pretty much with the same line up and have just released a new record ‘bystanders’ on Probe Plus. Thanks for digging Mohammed out . I’d not heard it in years .
    Phil Freckleton

  5. Hi Phil, remember also the ‘Close your eyes and think of this’ cassette from 1986? Sean Doran

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