Dave Couse – An Teach Solas (2012)

A cracker of a show on Sunday night from Dave Couse on TodayFM for An Teach Solas 2.0. Here’s the playlist and for the next 6 days you can listen back on the TodayFM website, parts one and two. Not sure I would have predicted too many of these choices but am certainly going to be listening back to this show.

The Movement – Tell Her (1967)
The Fatima Mansions – Blues For Ceaucescu
That Petrol Emotion – Candy Love Satellite
Sinead O Connor – Jerusalem
Rollerskate Skinny – Swingboat Yawning
Patrick Kelleher – Miracle Candle
The Frank & Walters – Franks Right
The Radiators From Space – Television Screen
Thin Lizzy – The Farmer (1970)
Gemma Hayes – Hangin Around
Whipping Boy – Favourite Sister
My Bloody Valentine – Strawberry Wine
We Cut Corners – The Leopard
And So I Watch You From Afar – A Little Bit Of Solidarity Goes A Long Way
The Outcasts – Self-Conscious Over You *
Brian – Understand
Taste – Same Old Story
Horslips – The Man Who Built America
The Infomatics – Wake Up
David Holmes – Gritty Shaker
A House – I’ll Always Be Grateful
The Brilliant Trees – Let It All Go
Engine Alley – The Flowers
Paul Clancy – Halo
Briana Corrigan – Angels Cradle
The Undertones – Julie Ocean
Sugar Shack – Morning Dew
The Blades – Revelations Of Heartbreak
The Pogues – Dark Streets Of London
The Divine Comedy – Tailspin
Maskedman – Stupid Earth Boy

* most requested band/song of the night

An Teach Solas (2012)

2 Responses to “Dave Couse – An Teach Solas (2012)”

  1. demosuzki Says:

    thats an irish greatest hits set right there.

  2. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Adding audio..

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