Originally formed in 1977 in Belfast, Ruefrex became one of Northern Ireland’s most popular punk bands. It was a much changed Ruefrex that six years later on 11th July 1983 recorded a session for Dave Fanning. According to RTE records the band performed three tracks; ‘Paid In Kind’, ‘Correct Your Fireside Manner’ and ‘Wild Colonial Boy’. The official Ruefrex site lists four tracks ‘Wild Colonial Boy’, ‘Correct Your Fireside Manner’, ‘By the Shadowline’ and ‘The Ruah’. The lineup of the band on this particular track from 1986 was Alan Clarke (vocals), Jackie Forgie (guitar), Gary Ferris (guitar), Gordy Blair (bass), Paul Burgess (drums). In 2005 Cherry Red released a comprehensive best of album ‘Capital Letters‘.

In The Traps (1986)

5 Responses to “Ruefrex”

  1. their Flowers Of Occasions is one of the best debuts and records of the Rock of ages and times

  2. The Ruah the best spiritual Gospel Punk Prog Rock

  3. And the Flowers…opener The Wild Colonial Boy is so rocking catchy that I was a Ruefrex junkie from first hearing in the Eighties on, there is only The Church from Australia, whose music will keep you away lifelong from drugs as the soundtrack and life drug of yours itself – so both bands and some others are pure love reflecting the glory of God(Steve Kilbey) – music the religion, love the drug,armageddon without violence against Babylon about to fall like the Berlin Wall…

  4. Days Of Heaven from their 2nd LP/EP also now in 2015 and in the zero years a Best of with some new songs and resurrection from the dead or lost bands for live concerts like other Irish bands like Cry Before Dawn also live and with old records on youtube to check or wherelse they are after google questions

  5. colmkavanagh2015 Says:

    Just found on an old cassette a copy of “One By One”! Still sounding splendiferous!

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