The Divine Comedy – Hot Press 20th Sep 1990

The latest episode of ‘Pimp my iPod‘ looks at labels one of whom, Setanta released the debut album from The Divine Comedy in 1990. Neil Hannon has I believe since distanced himself from the album but I just came across this review in an old issue of Hot Press and I know of at least one reader who will be interested.

3 Responses to “The Divine Comedy – Hot Press 20th Sep 1990”

  1. Thank you !

  2. By the way are there any pre-Divine Comedy Neil Hannon related articles in the Hot Press archives ?
    I’m thinking about the Hot Press / Carling Band of ’89…

  3. pimpmyipod Says:

    The Divine Comedy don’t actually feature in this week’s episode of Pimp My Ipod but you can hear Queen of the South, a track from the first DC album Liberation on the 2nd Irish special.
    which is actually linked to this esteemed site.

    The Setanta artists featured on the show this week are the Frank and Walters, Brian and Edwyn Collins, who produced the early Divine Comedy Europop single.

    Great site. Keep up the good work.

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