Big Self

From Belfast Big Self were Bernard Tohill (guitar, vocals), Jim Nicholl (guitar), Patrick Sheeran (bass, vocals) and Michael Morris (drums). This single was released in 1981 on Reekus Records but it also features on the upcoming 2 CD compilation ‘Too Late To Stop Now‘. Reekus Records was founded by Elvera Butler who was recently interviewed on Culture Cafe on RTE 2FM and 2XM where the show has a weekly slot. This particular recording was from Mickey Bradley’s ‘After Midnight‘ show which just celebrated 5 years. Mickey’s show has only one rule – he won’t play anything released after 1987. Incidentally Reekus is also the home of ‘It Makes You Want To Spit‘ the definitive story of Northern Irish punk a copy of which no self respecting home should be without. Incidentally Big Self’s ‘Ghost Shirts‘ was the theme tune for RTE’s ‘Visual Eyes‘ in 1985. Big Self recorded a Fanning session on 24th June 1985 featuring tracks ‘Swim’, ‘Guilty’ and ‘The Blue Boat’.

Surprise Surprise (1981)

4 Responses to “Big Self”

  1. john dundon Says:

    Hi Dave

    Saw them many times, the Arcadia in Cork, the Magnet etc., etc, a brilliant live act, a really fascinating take on reggae but done in a Northern way which gave it an extra punch.

    Lovely piece on Elvera in the Irish Times magazine last Sat written by Tony Clayton Lea

  2. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Thanks John, that article on Elvera ‘Still kicking up a Reekus’ can be found here: There is also an interview on RTE 2fm / 2XM ‘Culture Cafe’ here

    Was that you got a mention on the Dave Couse show on Sunday?

    PS It’s not Dave

  3. john dundon Says:

    Hi D ( i know u are not Dave but sure u are as good as if not better !)

    yep that was me doing out the show for DAVE C ok, i like to give him feedback to make sure the powers that be don’t jettison a great show

    looking forward to the 18th,

    listened to one of the Mickey Bradley shows on your recommendation, excellent

    stay well

    John +

  4. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Thanks John, had to censor your comment there, don’t want you revealing too much! Glad you enjoyed Mickey’s show I have a few really old ones I’m sure you would enjoy also, must post those sometime..

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