The Cherry Brogues

cherry brogues

From Clondalkin in Dublin The Cherry Brogues were active from 1991 until 1994. The band featured members Ray Gilligan, Ray Murray, Joe Rodgers, Des Connaughton and Phil Healy. They recorded a Fanning Session in December 1992 and this is the third track of five from that session. The band performed a reunion gig on July 2nd 2011 in The Grand Social. If anyone has the remaining 4 session tracks we’d love to hear from you..
Numbers In Your Heart (1992)

2 Responses to “The Cherry Brogues”

  1. […] important information we could find about them was that they recorded a Fanning Session. The great Fanning Sessions blog has written a bit about the band and have asked for help without any luck in 2012. They shared the […]

  2. Philip Healy Says:

    Hi there,

    Just posted a couple more tracks on YouTube including another one of the Fanning Session songs (Just Like Saturday). Vids are largely made up of old band photos.


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