Hennigan’s Bar Reunion 19th May 2012

Planning is underway for a Hennigan’s Bar Reunion in the Clarence Hotel Sligo on May 19th 2012. All proceeds of the night will be donated to the suicide prevention service Console. The lineup is Absolute Zero, Autobahn, Oblivion, Sheamie O’Dowd & Friends, Strangeworld, The Icemen, The Point, The Wild Herrings, Those Nervous Animals. For lifelong fans of The Wild Herrings such as ourselves their appearance alone is a deal clincher. Follow the progress on facebook. Some musical memories can be found on soundcloud.

Original photo (C) IrishPhotoStore

15 Responses to “Hennigan’s Bar Reunion 19th May 2012”

  1. Danny McTaggart Says:

    I remember playing in Hennigans bar with Ego Minefield in the late 80s, great music venue

  2. Agreed. I don’t know shit about ‘Nam and you don’t know shit about music. OK? Peace be with you>

  3. Brendan i grew up around music my bro played in hennigans numerous times. i know all the great muscians that came outta Sligeach

  4. remember this the bounciest band in Ireland. Especially Padraigh in his red slacks

  5. Joseph Hunt Says:

    I’m looking forward to playing with these guys again..rehearsals are going good with both bands.(A Zero/Strange World)…..should be a great night….

  6. Joseph Hunt Says:

    I’d also like to add that without this venue and Terry Brown, a lot of the musicians would have stayed in their bedrooms. No one got paid, you’d get free pints and a bucket that was passed around near end of night containing mostly coins and gear (if you were good) 😉

  7. RIP Terry Brown, he n

  8. Irene Pender Says:

    Serious shit – time to dust off the vox and get rocking and rolling. See ye’ then xx

  9. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Updating to add artwork and correct lineup.

  10. Joe Hunt Says:

    The Charity has been changed to “Console” and not S.T.O.P.

  11. ok 100 euro to anyone who can guess what TNA were singing about and not Mardarins. I deal in euros now coz i dont have any gold left. Greeks thought i could trust them

  12. Joe Hunt Says:

    “see the brown ground under the green, see the brown ground under the….green” very clever writing indeed.

  13. Sligeach, small town i grew up in, small place but great people –
    gore-booth, Yeats and mainy mainy artists. I ve had the pleasure to hear some of them live, I love Paris, first place i had a hamburger, but not as good as the Happy Eater 🙂

  14. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Gutted wont be able to go to the reunion. Have a great time everyone who is lucky enough to be going. Look forward to reading all about it afterwards and hopefully seeing some of the video footage. If anyone still has any old recordings you think would be at home on this site we’d be most interested in hearing from you and anything we can do to kickstart the next event will be done!

  15. well i enjoyed tremmmmmiously, great to see some olde heads aroond, maybe a bianal gig cos im getting olde 🙂

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