The Donnelly Bros (Demo)


The Donnelly Brothers from Belfast featured here almost three years ago so it’s probably safe to post another track. Not quite sure of the title but it’s definitely not on the Myspace page so we could be looking at something reasonably obscure. I apparently saw the aforementioned brothers perform as they toured Ireland supporting The Wedding Present on their 1988 Irish tour. If anyone can confirm the song title and it’s origins we’d love to hear from you. Photo courtesy

The Handicap Bus

16 Responses to “The Donnelly Bros (Demo)”

  1. Wallace Mackie Says:

    The song was called The Handicap Bus, but was changed quickly for obvious reasons. Don’t know where you got this from, it was never played on Fanning, I don’t think.

  2. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Thanks Wallace, what was the new title of the song?

  3. Wallace Mackie Says:

    it changed to the song Svengali

  4. sean mag riabhaigh Says:

    This song was not featured in the Fanning Sessions, it comes from an earlier demo, i played guitar on this and only ever knew the song to be called Handicap Bus

  5. Bapster. Is ceart.

  6. Wallace Mackie Says:

    the song is called The Handicap Bus, it later became a song called Svengali with a different band

  7. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Thanks everyone, corrected the title!

  8. Martin Burns Says:

    Can I get the MP3 of this track? I’m putting together a Best of

  9. Seamus Quinn Says:

    Serious load of balls this!

  10. Johnny Rhay Says:

    ha ha, seamus quim, why would ye bother?

  11. seamus quinn Says:

    I used to have their demo “. . . with a big jam roll! ” The singer always sounded like he’s on horse back. Great guitar though.

  12. Fanning Sessions Says:

    and where is the demo now seamus? hope to bring the fanning session very soon – just came across it on a tape.

  13. seamus quinn Says:

    The demo belonged to a guy called Jamsie Keenan. I gave it back to him after i’d had enough. Play some more One Deaf Ear Dave. . .Please!

  14. Paddy Mallon Says:

    I know this band well – Ali Donnelly was the drummer. The band was named after him and his brother. Ali was a good mate of mine – used to dye his eyebrows like Keith Moon. Amazing drummer. They were MAGIC! A piece of 80’s Belfast history!

  15. Paddy Mallon Says:

    The guitarist was ‘Bap’ – absolute dude.

  16. Nice mention of The Donnelly Brothers here (scroll down, its a long post)

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