Mark Cagney


While watching the recent ‘A Little Bit TV’ RTETV50 profile on Mark Cagney I remembered that I had an old tape of a Sunday review show Mark had on RTE Radio 2 (as 2fm was known back in 1987). On the show in question Mark reviewed a number of albums I was interested in hence the recording. The albums reviewed were ‘Strangeways, Here We Come‘ by The Smiths, ‘Document‘ by R.E.M. and ‘Franks Wild Years‘ by Tom Waits. Two of the reviews were intact on the recording and you can hear these below. In case you missed and are retro inclined the documentary is well worth checking out. Mark Cagney’s Night Train was essential bedtime listening for a period in my formative years but I have no recordings of that show.

‘Document’ and ‘Franks Wild Years’ reviewed (1987)


12 Responses to “Mark Cagney”

  1. I have a couple of old tapes of night train, and his last day on 2fm. If you want I will copy and send. Living in England, meant I taped them as a student, but loved night train.

  2. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Thanks Mel, I most definitely am! Will send you an email to arrange the details.

  3. ‘A Little Bit TV’ the life of broadcaster Mark Cagney from Cork pirate DJ to AM TV presenter. The #RTETV50 documentary will be repeated on RTE1 TV this Friday at 8.30pm

  4. i am really keen to track down any of the night train sessions and in particular the night train jingle

  5. Fanning Sessions Says:

    What were the Night Train sessions? I have emailed you a couple of jingles. I might share some Night Train recordings on mixcloud if there is interest..

  6. That’s it – you’re a total star – ive been on the trail of that jingle for years

    The night train sessions – that’s the first jingle you sent – the train whistling past

    The songs from the night train/night shift had such an impact on my musical taste.

    I have begun to create [in spotify] a playlist – here is he link

    But please share any session via mixcloud – i am going to create a definitive Night Train 🙂

  7. hi there – any chance of naming some tracks from the night train – i am assembling a playlist

  8. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Okay, have posted some ‘Night Train’ recordings over on Mixcloud..

  9. Gerry Griffin Says:

    Thanks – Spotify play list now updated

    Night Train



  10. Melanie McKee Says:

    You’re doing a great job, obviously still staying up messing around with music. Great to hear other old recordings too. Thanks for keeping me in the loop, Mel

    Sent from my iPad

  11. for those of you who use spotify – here is my emerging list of night train songs – have dropped in some jingles as well but reckon they wont go with this link …anyway you get the idea

  12. Back when Radio was relevant .
    Cagney was an album man and introduced me to some classic artists ,who would have rarely got any airtime.
    It was a case of Fanning show 8-10,sleep through Gerry Ryan and awake shin at 12-1:50(!) for Mark Cagneys show..
    Happy days..

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