Idol Joy (1987)

From Cork, Idol Joy were Ian Jack (vocals), Joe Cherry (guitar), Eddie Mulhare (guitar), John McGuire (bass/vocals) and Fionn Blake (drums). According to ‘Cork Rock’ by Mark McAvoy they were formed in October 1985 they made their live debut in Cork Opera House in February 1986. They recorded a demo in Elm Tree Studios in Cork featuring tracks ‘JFK’ and ‘Eli’. That was also where they recorded today’s track ‘Paradise Days’ which appeared on the Comet LP Two compilation.

Paradise Days‘ (1987)

4 Responses to “Idol Joy (1987)”

  1. John McGuire Says:

    What a great buzz to still see the name Idol Joy mentioned with and on the same website as these bands. The ” Cork Rock ” book is a gem of a read and proved what massive music talent was around back then. Great memories, great friends, great gigs, great music and now, nearly great grandchildren. Thank You All fellow members, fans and friends…..RocknRoll . John ( Idol Joy ).

  2. Gary Campbell Says:

    Great track is there anymore don’t seem to have any on itunes or spotify. Surely this band has laid down some more tunes.

  3. Hello Gary (& belatedly) John.

    Had a look and there are a couple more tracks in the tape archive, will dig them out and have a listen, it looks like they are demos played on the Dave Fanning show.

    Out of interest Gary, how did you find this 5 year old post?

  4. john mcguire Says:

    Hi Gary & Fanning Sessions, Im afraid none of our material is on itunes or spotify as gramophones and tapedecks were only around in our heyday Haa. My nephew is in a Cork band at the mo “Pretty Happy” and we hope to get him to put some of our songs up ASAP. Glad you like “Para” and type in IDOL JOY every now and then on Google and hopefully we will get some stuff up there soon…Rocknroll. John

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