Ego Minefield

From Letterkenny, Co. Donegal Ego Minefield were Mark Bradley (vocals/guitar), Danny McTaggart (guitar), Marty McElroy (bass) and John Lafferty (drums). They released two singles on Danceline Records, ‘All In Your Mind’ (1990) and ‘Fear of Falling’ (1990). These two tracks appeared on the Danceline cassette ‘Nationwide 3’. Sadly Mark Bradley passed away suddenly in August this year.

All In Your Mind (1989)

Strange To Me (1989)

5 Responses to “Ego Minefield”

  1. i was in a band that supported ego minefield in the underground in 1989 on 2 occasions – lovely guys, really sad MB passed away – lovely melodic memories – a leather jacket teddy boy-ish look – great lads

  2. Danny Mc Taggart Says:

    I played guitar with Ego Minefield, very sad about Marks death!

  3. Danny Mc Taggart Says:

    Hi RB, please let me know the name of your band that supported Ego Minefield all them years ago in underground, thanks for the kind words!

  4. Deckie Bradley Says:

    I am Mark’s brother and am delighted to see this link. Obviously it’s still heart breaking but it always will be. I may have been a typical little brother hero worshiping his big brother but I was also probably Ego Minefield’s biggest fan (And the cheapest roadie in history haha).
    Mark and I formed a band after called The Boomtribe but the impact Ego Minefield had in the North West it was always what Mark would be remembered for (and rightly so).
    Anyway Thanks for this page and this link, He would have been delighted to see it (Not as much as he was last year to see “All in your mind” top of the WANTS list on the web page for Dave Heffernan’s ‘Guaranteed Irish’ show on 4FM haha)

  5. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Thanks for the comment Deckie, our condolences on Mark’s passing. I emailed your comment on to Dave, it’s nice to hear that Mark got a kick out of that wishlist.

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