The Cranberries (1993 Session)


Last night Dan Hegarty repeated the long sought after 1993 session by Limerick band The Cranberries on his RTE 2fm show ‘The Alternative To Sleep’. Dan expressly thanked producer Ian Wilson who obviously had the non trivial task of tracking the original session tape down in the RTE archive. Incidentally there is currently a project underway at RTE to digitise this archive and we await the results with great anticipation. The night this session was recorded the band dropped into Dave Fanning in studio for an interview and you can listen to a recording here.

The Icicle Melts


Like You Used To


3 Responses to “The Cranberries (1993 Session)”

  1. […] can listen to the four 1993 songs on the Fanning Sessions archive. Share this:FacebookTwitterEmailLike this:LikeOne blogger likes this post. This entry was posted […]

  2. Thank you for making this accessible. I’ve been following The Cranberries’ career since the early 90’s and found these FS tracks to be one of the most demonstrably evocative and elusive recordings available.

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