Absolute Zero

I realised during the week that no Sligo band has yet featured on this site. To rectify that and to celebrate the Sligo Live festival which takes place 26th – 31st October, we have a track today from Absolute Zero. This Sligo band were active from 1983 until 1986 and featured Joe Hunt (vocals), Martin Harte (bass), Sean Sweeney (guitar) and Tommy Kivlehan (drums). ‘Go For Your Gun’ was released on SRS Records in 1985.

Go For Your Gun (1985)


5 Responses to “Absolute Zero”

  1. “Black and white, people say. Wait a minute, what about grey?” A sentiment the world refuses to take on board 25 years later. If anything, it’s worse 😦

  2. Listen back… all the way back. In the begginning, can you hear the end? NO – because it ain’t finished yet. So then… let’s get it started… let’s start it all over again.


  3. alan watters Says:

    That is not the band Absolute zero in the picture they wewre a three piece band one off them lived in my street Fly Flynn was is name .

  4. alan watters Says:

  5. Hi Alan, AZ were never a 3 piece, I was one of the founding members, AZ was formed after the break up of a 6-piece band called ‘Reverb’
    I do remember Kevin ‘Fly’ Flynn very well (RIP)
    He was mates with drummer Tommy ‘Buskins’ Kivlehan and was a roadie with us, never a member.
    The ‘Vandals’ film is class (just started looking at it now) featured the last version of AZ where I (singer) was replaced when I immigrated to the US, some dude from Letterkenny.

    This is a very rare pic of Fly at one of our recording sessions in a studio (Sandalwood) in Sligo πŸ˜‰ https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=3405750715845&set=a.1260025194048.37296.1632229676&type=3&theater


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