The Fat Lady Sings (In Concert 1989)

Formed by Nick Kelly, The Fat Lady Sings released two albums ‘Twist’ (1991) and ‘Johnson’ (1993). A retrospective double album ‘The Fat Lady Singles’ (2005) was also released. Nick is now an award winning short film maker. His latest musical alter ego is Alien Envoy who’s album ‘Nine Lives’ (2010) was the culmination of a nine month ‘gestation‘ project. Thanks to some comments we can confirm this show was recorded for ‘Seven Bands on The Up’ from the SFX in 1989.

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In Concert

5 Responses to “The Fat Lady Sings (In Concert 1989)”

  1. I’d hazard that this is from the Seven Bands on The Up from the SFX in 1989.

  2. mill butler Says:

    it most certainly is Seven Bands on the up…I was roadie for the I can still see it in my mind,think An Emotional Fish played the same night…

  3. Danny McTaggart Says:

    Ego Minefield supported Fat Lady Sings in the Earl Grattan, Dublin in 1989, great bunch of guys!

  4. […] while back found a recording of one of their concerts in a box of tapes in the attic.The wonderful Fanning Sessions Archive has the very same tape of a concert on their site , it really is worth a listen. Its from The Seven Bands On The Up series which was on in the SFX […]

  5. Absolutely love this band, such an influence thirty years on and with only two albums…

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