T Bone Burnett (1985 Interview)

On the eve of his show in The Stadium, Dublin on July 6th 1985, with Elvis Costello performing as The Coward Brothers, T Bone Burnett dropped in to the Dave Fanning RTE 2 Radio show and spent two hours talking to Dave and choosing records. This is but a small clip of that show. Interestingly T Bone mentions he’s off to see The Blades play that very night in The TV Club..

T Bone Interview (1985)

4 Responses to “T Bone Burnett (1985 Interview)”

  1. I remember this as one of the funniest interviews I ever heard. I’d love to hear the whole interview again, I remember great stories about The Rolling Thunder Revue with Dylan , (including an impersonation of Joni Mitchell!), and playing drums with The Legendary Stardust Cowboy. Great site btw, thanks for The Golden Horde Eurorock 1988 post too.

  2. Martin Foyle Says:

    Yeah, sorry that only side 2 of that cassette survived, something was taped over side 1. Little of Radio 2 stuff was archived back then, though Fanning seems to have preserved more than others, bearing in mind his year end shows. Maybe this snippet will encourage him to share the rest, if a copy still exists

  3. Fanning Sessions Says:

    One that got away Martin, I have a few similar stories myself 😉 Tell me more about the end of year shows, does he look back on previous years. He did something on R.E.M. recently where he went back and dug up old interviews he did with them over the years.

  4. i have waited 26 years now to hear this interview again. T-bone did a great version of anything goes by cole porter, it would be great to hear that and the acoustic version of Euro-mad he played for the same interview. C’mon Dave root out the old tape, one of the best and informative interviews you did that year.

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