The Subterraneans (1987 Session)


From Artane, Dublin The Subterraneans were Derek Barter (bass/vocals), Paddy Brady (guitar), Brian Murphy (keyboards) and Colm Coughlan (drums). These two tracks are from their 1987? session the missing third track is Slum. Many thanks to Ken for digging these out and Liam for the correction on the date.

Oh Mister

Fahrenheit Days

7 Responses to “The Subterraneans (1987 Session)”

  1. love these 2 tracks they were even better live and slum the missing track was a classic miss the subs music a real under rated band so much better than the stuff thats around now 🙂

  2. Thanks much for this 🙂

  3. any idea how i can download these tracks as mp3s?

  4. Liam Smith Says:

    I think these tracks were recorded well before 1991. The songs were in their set in 1987/88, which was when Slum was released as a single. Brian Murphy had left the band by 1991. (They were a five piece for a short while when Mitchell O’Connor joined on guitar and then a four piece again after Brian left.)

  5. Thanks Liam, changing date to 1987 but it could have been earlier as Dave says it was a repeat broadcast. No idea what the correct lineup was however.

  6. Liam Smith Says:

    Definitely would have been with Brian rather than with Mitchell.

  7. The singer is my uncle

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