Formed by ex members of Lord John White, Sack were Martin McCann (vocals), John Brereton (guitar), James Nesbitt (guitar) Derek Lee (bass) and Tony Brereton (drums). Martin McCann had previously been in Aiken Drum. The wiki also lists Ken Haughton (guitars) and Darrell Rainey (bass). The band released three albums; ‘You Are What You Eat’ (1994) [lemon records], ‘Butterfly Effect’ (1997) [dirt records]and ‘Adventura Majestica’ (2001) [jetset junta]. This particular track featured on a cassette compilation ‘Canadian Club 6 Of The Best Tour‘ and comes courtesy Darren who kindly dug it out for us.

Magnetism‘ (1992)

3 Responses to “Sack”

  1. Fanning Sessions Says:

    And if you liked that, check out their first single ‘What Did The Christians Ever Do For Us’

  2. eric f c Says:

    magnetism was the best irish single of the 1990’s – greetings – lord john white rocked – got single of the week once of the auld “enemy” time if hangovers serve me correctly… il biscuto

  3. Fanning Sessions Says:

    “That’s like asking John Lennon about the Quarrymen snaps Sack guitarist John Brereton when I ask about a band called Lord John White, the eighties outfit that first united John with frontman Martin McCann. ”

    ‘A brief history of… Sack’, Stephen Robinson, Hot Press, 9 Nov 2000

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