Engine Alley (In Concert)


The recent posts featuring concerts that Dave Fanning broadcast on RTE Radio 2 back in the day have proved popular, so to continue the theme and because the band in question is performing a gig in Whelan’s on July 23rd, today is the turn of Engine Alley from Kilkenny. I am not sure when this was originally broadcast and I’ve had to do some manipulation on the audio so I hope it stands up quality wise.

Summertime Is Over
Happy Alley New Year
Lame Dog Lament
A Song For Someone
Your Head

Engine Alley In Concert


3 Responses to “Engine Alley (In Concert)”

  1. eric f c Says:

    loved the kenneally bros live,and their drummer emmaline who i last saw nyc 1998. won’t be at whelans this time,but see you when lou reed is back in town,please upload more stuff mister fanning sessions inc. aiden foley stuff, eric fc

  2. Fanning Sessions Says:

    unfortunately emmaline is not playing at the whelan’s gig, she is busy with her latest project Preachers Son http://www.preachersson.com/band/emmaline.asp

  3. Emmaline didn’t play with Engine Alley at their recent gig because she is to busy, she didn’t play because she is no longer part of teh band. She’s a dog trainer these days.

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