The End for ‘Guaranteed Irish’?

I wanted to say a few words about 4FM. I’ve been a regular listener to the station, well for two hours on a Sunday at least, for the last six months ever since I discovered Dave Heffernan’s ‘Guaranteed Irish‘ show. Well it appears my Sundays are about to become free again because Dave quietly announced last week that he has only two shows left. I can’t say it came as a complete surprise given the activity on their website of late. 4FM seem to be in panic mode with the site getting a revamp every other week. Where once Dave’s show had it’s own page featuring podcasts of interviews with bands who appeared on the show now he has no page at all. Of late the show itself seemed to arbitrarily change timeslot from one week to another and finally was chopped in size to a single hour, half it’s original size.

On paper Dave’s show is deceptively simple, he plays Irish rock music from the last five decades. In practice you can expect anything from obscure 60s beat bands to blues and experimental 80s pop to up and coming artists. The 80s is my decade of preference but Dave’s music selection is such that he always keeps my interest and I am sure to hear something I’ve never heard before. Limerick’s Eugene Wallace is one example of an act I had never heard of before and other acts like The Atrix and DC Nein were a little before my time and great to hear.

Dave didn’t restrict the show to acts gone by and recent favourites of his include Sive and The Gandhis. He also invited guests into the studio and those who joined Dave in the studio include James Vincent McMorrow, Paul Brady, Eamon Carr, Christy Dignam, Eleanor McEvoy, Windings, Electric Penguins, Niall Toner Jr, The Coronas, Lumiere, Julie Feeney, Bill Coleman, Tiger Cooke, Pete Courtney and Mundy.

The show will be sorely missed and I wish Dave and producer Brendan Russell all the best.

PS There are two shows left so tune in to 4FM on Sunday at 8pm to see what you have been missing. Email the show at

Check out the show’s website here.

One Response to “The End for ‘Guaranteed Irish’?”

  1. john dundon Says:


    Sundays wont be the same …………….

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